Payroll Services

PDC is partnered with PMI to provide all services on this page. PMI is a Maine owned corporation since 1989, licensed and insured in accordance with the laws of the State of Maine. Our sole focus is in managing your payroll & associated functions (workers-comp, HR issues, IRS issues, state notices, etc.) so you can maintain your workflow process with greater efficiency.

As a Maine owned company, our clients receive local decision-making, personalized care and will always have our attention to THEIR questions. We listen, we are accessible and we are here to work FOR THEM!

We Offer Full Service at One Price

  • Checks
  • Earnings and Deduction Register
  • Direct Deposits to Employee Bank Accounts
  • New Employee and Changes
  • Federal and State Tax Deposit Payments
  • Quarterly
    • State Wage Reports
    • State Unemployment
    • Federal Unemployment
    • 941 Federal Tax Return
  • Annual
    • 940 Federal Unemployment
    • W2, W2P
    • 1099
    • W3 and 1096
  • No Conversion Fee
  • No Direct Deposit Fee
  • No Annual Fee
  • Guaranteed Prices
  • Licensed and insured in accordance with the laws of the State of Maine

Call 1-888-299-4992
for more information.

Payroll Services Offered:

Payroll Checks Weekly, semi-weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly payroll processing with year-end W-2 and 1099 forms.
Payroll Liability Management We prepare your state and Federal tax reports and pay your tax liabilities on time and accurately.
Labor Distribution The tracking of employee payroll hours spent in different profit settings.
Tip Allocation The tracking of tips allocated to employees for IRS reporting.
Summary Reports Specialized summary reports are available for your payroll needs.


Your friendly Payroll Department Company Inc. Representative will assist you in both the set-up and training of your payroll system.

Your Representative is always available for 'after the sale' and additional recommendations for your payroll needs.

You will be assigned to an in-house Payroll Specialist to help you with the input of payroll information.


How it works:

  • Initial "set-ups"are quick and easy any time of year.
  • After a quick review of your payroll needs, we will customize the service to fit your specific requirements.
  • Simply phone, fax, or go online to submit your payroll hours to your assigned payroll specialist.
  • Payroll Management has the accurate tax payment guarantee. If PMI makes an error, we will pay the IRS penalty.


Our Base Fees Include:

  • Free Direct Deposit
  • Free Check Signing
  • Free Confidential - Sealed Envelopes
  • Department and Division Summaries
  • Vacation/Sick Accrual Reports
  • Full Tax Filing